By: Suprianto

In the beginning, the new Hijriyah year was commemorated as a sign of the geographical migratory event carried out by the Prophet SAW and his companions to save their creed. That event marked the start of the Islamic order that brought its people towards a civil society based on justice and equality.

One of the important meanings of Hijrah was the process of transformation from jahiliyyah (darkness) to a fully enlightened civilization. In the context of nationalism, Hijrah can be interpreted as a transformation towards improving the welfare of all elements of society.

Given this context, the state has no other goals and agendas except to work for a decent quality of life for all its citizens.

The replacement of the Islamic New Year on September 1 should be used as a momentum to rise from adversity to glory. Indeed, it is not easy to get up from an adversity that has taken root.

From the realities of political, economic, and socio-religious that are not so encouraging, contextualization of Hijrah must be based on the conditions that are currently occurring. The problem of widespread corruption, rampant poverty, as well as the crisis that has pushed this nation into a pool of multidimensional crises, must be on our shared Hijrah agenda.

The Prophet SAW while migrating only had limited resources to empower their people in Medina, both financially and managerially. In fact, there almost does not have any potential that can be cultivated and developed to build a community. However, the Prophet SAW was actually able to show the opposite. He proved, leaders who are based on a great commitment to making changes accompanied by example, dedication, totality, and integrity, will always be able to overcome every problem.

Reflecting on the Prophet in carrying out his missionary strategy, it seems too naive to say that the fate of the leader and his people depends on it alone. They also depend on good luck. In the Quran surat, Ar-Ra’du verse [13] verse 11 has been asserted, “God will not change the fate of a people without him changing his own destiny.” This verse gives authority to all people to do everything in their power and mind, to exert all their potential for a better life. Not solely having hope and only depend on ‘other’s strength’ to live their life.


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