RZ Volunteer or Komite Relawan Nusantara (KRN) of Yogyakarta again organized Malam Keakraban (Makrab) for all of volunteers who had joined in KRN Yogyakarta. The Makrab organizers in the event are the volunteers who joined in 2016.


A total of 30 RZ volunteers joined the event held at the Orchard Mangunan, Bantul, Yogyakarta on Saturday (01/07) to Sunday (01/08). A wide variety of entertainment games also served to entertain the volunteers in attendance.


Also on the following day a study of volunteers held by inviting Ustadz Drs. Basuki AR, M.Sc. He conveyed about amal jama’i that if a decision / practice already established by pilgrims then it must be implemented properly, either in a private context or together.


The second material presented is Journalistic submitted by journalists from On the occasion of the volunteers learn theoretically also practical.


Makrab are loaded with familiarity and knowledge ended with sweetly, volunteers exchanging gifts Also Conveyed a message and impression during the makrab. “I am happy, in could gather with other volunteers, we also exchange each other gift, alhamdulillah I get one. With events like this, Insya Allah, we can strengthen bonding among fellow volunteers.” Said Lintang, Volunteer of RZ Yogyakarta.


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