By: Agung Sasongko

– Allah SWT has opened the widest opportunity for people to use the gifts on earth. This is revealed in Surat Al-Mulk verse 15.

According to the verse, Allah made the earth easy for humans. Therefore, humans must walk in all corners of the earth and eat some of the sustenance that is given by God. Only to God does man return after all of them are resurrected.

Muslim scholar Yusuf Al-Qaradawi responded to the verse and made his explanation. According to him, Muslims should make it the main principle. The meaning is that people should not be lazy or not work. Not working or lazy to work is not justified under any pretext.

Also for the reason that a Muslim is busy worshiping and trusting, this great cleric asserted. Among those condemned in Islam, continued Al-Qaradawi, is a person who constantly relies on a helping hand from others, even though he is still strong and able to work.

Quoting the hadith narrated by Turmudzi, Al-Qaradawi asserted, charity is not lawful for the rich and those who still have perfect power. Asking for, is included in that category. The Prophet Muhammad strongly forbade a Muslim to beg.

Because, such a step can reduce the dignity and respect of a Muslim. This also contradicts Islamic principles that prioritize work and work. The people should get used to living confidently without relying on others, Al-Qaradhawi stressed.

However, begging is still tolerated to a certain extent. There are conditions that accompany it, as determined by the Prophet. First, it is done by a person who bears a heavy burden so that he may beg for him so he can handle it, but after that stops.

Second, someone is hit by a danger that destroys his property. She can ask for something to get a standard for life. And third, someone who is afflicted with poverty so that there are three smart people from his people say, the fulan is overtaken by poverty so halal for begging.

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