The fruit mentioned several times in the Qur’an contains many benefits. In the hadith of the Holy Prophet narrated from Abu Darda:

“The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) was given a gift of a container of fruit, and then the Prophet said, ‘Eat!’ Then he ate it and said, ‘If you say,’ There is a fruit derived from heaven, then I can say, this is the fruit, coreless. Therefore, eat, because these fruits can heal the disease of hemorrhoids and gout. ‘”

Fruit contains high levels of sugar, also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, and some vitamins, such as vitamins A, B, C and K that work to stop bleeding. What are the benefits of this fruit for treatment, here are some of them:

Treating difficult bowel movements

Pour 3-4 grains of dried tin in a glass of cold water in the afternoon, then in the morning the fruit is eaten and the water is drunk. Or simmer 3-4 freshly cut pieces of tin in a container of milk / yoghurt plus 12 grains of raisins, then drink.

Treat intestinal or stomach diseases

Cut tin dried fruit, mix with olive oil and a few slices of lime, let sit overnight. In the morning, finish these pieces of fruit with water.

Treat wounds and ulcers

Bring the dried tin and cook it  with milk until the inside breaks. Allow to cool, then wrap the inside of the fruit just above the wound. Use as a wound dressing and replace it three times a day.

Treat irregular menstruation

Boil 25-30 tin leaves in a liter of water, then drink. This herb can to overcome various menstrual disorders, thus launching menstruation. In addition, this herb is also efficacious to relieve cough, as well as a gargle to cure gum inflammation.

Streamline breast milk. Brew a dried tin with hot water, leave it for a few minutes, then drink the water. This herb can facilitate milk production.


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