bukan-wortel-sayur-hijau-ini-juga-bisa-jaga-kesehatan-mataLeek is one vegetable that is most often used as a spice complement is various dishes, one of which is Martabak. But it is not only making cuisine tastier, leek also has other health benefits that may not have been known.

One benefit of leek is maintaining eye health. As is known, healthy aye depends on how much vitamin A you consume each day. But in addition to vitamin A, the eyes also need lutein and zeaxanthin to optimize the function of vitamin A in maintaining eye health. It is another leek advantage.

A leek contains approximately 24 mcg of vitamin A in the form of provitamin A, it is carotenoids compounds that your body converts into retinol. The amount of content to meet the 2.6% of the required daily intake of men meanwhile women needs 3.4% of retinol.

According to research from the University of Maryland Medical Center, leeks also contain lutein and zeaxanathin which is enough for daily nutritional needs. Institute of Medicine added that one small bowl of leek can cover 95% of vitamin A, lutein and daily zeaxanathin of women.

Perhaps not many people know about it because vitamin A is often indicated by the number of orange or red fruits and vegetables.

So do not just eat carrots, apples and tomatoes, you can also add leeks in the list of vegetables rich in vitamin A if you want to maintain healthy eyes.

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