pasta-gigiOften confused with stubborn pimples or stains on white shoes? This can be overcome with toothpaste. Check out these short tips we can practice easily.


  1. Overcoming acne


Acne is annoying isn’t it?, we have done everything , but the Acne is usually appear again in unexpected places.


If you’ve tried a variety of ways and the result is nil, try to overcome acne with toothpaste. Just apply toothpaste on acne that has been cleaned before sleep, then let sit overnight. The next morning wash with clean water then the acne will be deflated and disappear by itself.


  1. Reduce wrinkles

No need to spend too much to overcome the premature aging that appears here and there. Use the tools that are around us, one of them toothpaste. The trick is easy, apply toothpaste on the wrinkled area then let sit overnight and rinse with clean water.


  1. Cleaning shoe stains


White shoes are prone to stains and require more care than others. If your shoes are stained, take enough toothpaste, apply it to the affected part, then rub with an unused toothbrush. Certainly your shoes can be clean again and much more durable.


  1. Cleaning stains on wooden furniture

If our furniture is stained with drinks or food, do not panic. There was toothpaste, busting all the stains. Apply toothpaste on the affected part of the stain then wipe with a clean cloth. Our furniture will look clean again.



  1. Eliminate odors

Often upset with fishy fish smell after meal but you had no hand sanitizer? Toothpaste can be the solution. Take a toothpaste then rub on the hands like we use the hand sanitizer and the fishy smell will disappear by itself.


  1. Eliminate chewing gum from hair


Did you ever eat gum and accidentally stick to the hair? Duh, If you pulled it, it ieven make hair loss and make you hurt. No need to be confused. Use toothpaste to get rid of chewing gum attached to the hair by applying toothpaste on a toothbrush and rubbing the affected hair gum until gum moves out of your hair.


  1. Eliminate scratches on the phone screen


Toothpaste can reduce the scratches that appear on the phone screen. Just apply toothpaste on a clean cloth, and then apply slowly on the phone screen. This can also be done to reduce scratches on the CD.


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