Drinking water in the morning is considered to only satisfy the thirst when awake from sleep. In fact, drinking water when the stomach is empty has many benefits besides eliminating dehydration.

If speaking prevents dehydration, then overcoming dehydration equals to fend off headaches. It also prevents bad breath and mouth infections.

Drinking water in an empty stomach condition allows the body to detoxify. The gastrointestinal tract would be aroused and make the bloated stomach feel relieved again.

Detoxification will also make toxins that lower metabolism out. Thus, it will be very useful to burn more calories.

In addition to impact on the body, during detoxification the body naturally removes all dead cells. The body will also produce a clearer skin.

In addition, just before breakfast, drinking a glass of water can help increase appetite and increase metabolism. Because it can activate RBC and as a result, blood levels of oxygen increase that keeps you vibrant throughout the day, quoted by the Times of India.

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