Who does not know with this red fruit? The color is red and fresh, with its unique taste makes this fruit loved. It has good nutritional content. Well, you can eat this fruit directly or make it into juice. Well, equally delicious and equally rewarding.


But do you know if we consume strawberry juice regularly, it is good for health. Let’s see the explanation below.


Keeping Cholesterol In The Body

Strawberry juice is rich in vitamin C which is good for health. Well, you need to know this vitamin C can help you in lowering cholesterol in the body. In addition to its acidic taste is also able to kill various diseases and bacteria in the stomach, it is also very good for detox.


Healthy Drink with Low Calorie

Want a diet but still want to eat a good? Then the answer is strawberry juice. Low caloric content will not make you feel guilty for eating it too often.


Rich in Antioxidant Content

One of the important nutrients of strawberry is its antioxidant content. One of the primary antioxidants present in strawberries is the ellagic acid known to protect the body against free radicals that damage cells. Even high antioxidant in strawberry is able to get rid of toxins in the cells so the body is more fresh.


Prevent cancer

The antioxidant content helps you to boost your immune system. One of the important benefits is to prevent cancer. The content of ellagic acid in strawberries can prevent cancer.


Maintaining Eye Health

When you regularly consume strawberry juice, the vitamin C content will help maintain eye health. Daily vitamin C routine in sufficient quantities can help strengthen the cornea and retina of the eye to prevent vision problems.



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