MANFAATKAN PEKARANGAN RUMAH DENGAN PROGRAM KEBUN GIZI KELUARGAKEBUMEN. Sunday, (21/05) Rumah Zakat’s facilitator of empowered village rolls out the Family Nutrition Program. Villagers of Blater, Poncowarno District, Kebumen deliberately did not go to the rice fields because they want to follow the program. Together with Syarifudin (Rumah Zakat’s facilitator) the residents deliberately took the time to plant vegetables in their home yard. This activity was opened with symbolic delivery of seeds by Rumah Zakat’s facilitator to Blater Village Head, Suryo Widodo. The community initiated this Family Nutrition Garden to utilize the yard of their home.


“ As the Blater Village government, I am very appreciative and grateful for this Family Nutrition Program that rolled out. Hopefully this program can increase family food security and make Blater Village grow beautiful. Insha Allah Village Government will also participate in this program. In the future we will plant vegetables at the edge of the village entrance “explained Suryo Widodo in his speech.


Chairman of the Blater Farmer Group, Sutarmo also revealed, he is very grateful to Rumah Zakat who has created Family Nutrition program. He hopes the program can continue to run smoothly and expand, so that it can grow many more beneficiaries.


“This is the initiation of the Family Healthy Garden Program. This program brings together two problems in Blater that is, the land of home yard has not been utilized and the housewives who are less productive. It is expected that with this program, mothers can be more productive in caring for vegetable crops. In this first distribution we provide assistance to 10 Heads of Families. Hopefully the channeling forward can increase again “said Syarifudin, The facilitator.


The Family Nutrition Garden is one of Senyum Mandiri Program from the Village Empowerment Program of Rumah Zakat. This program utilizes home yard that has not been used as a land for vegetables to be used to help the family’s nutritional endurance. In addition, it is expected that the beneficiaries of this program can also share the nutritional garden with the needy neighbors. In addition to the Family Nutrition Program in Blater Village, there are other programs, such as Senyum Mandiri Smile (Moslem Youth Empowerment), and Healthy Smiles (Supprot and educate Posyandu and Posbindu).

Newsroom/Amad Syarifudin


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