MANFAATKAN WAKTU MENUNGGU DENGAN MENAMBAH ILMU.BANDUNG. (03/27) Different scenery seen in waiting room of Rumah Zakat’s RBG clinic Bandung that morning, usually in the waiting room of a clinic or hospital, the atmosphere is quite and each doing their own activities, but not in Rumah Zakat’s RBG  Clinic in Bandung.

The patients and families who accompanied the patient looks seriously listen to a nurse who spoke in front. Apparently, there was an activity was ongoing, it was health education. Indah, Public Health of Rumah Zakat Bandung revealed that this activity was conducted to commemorate World Tuberculosis Day.

“The event was filled by Siska, one of the nurses at RBG clinic. She explained about tuberculosis”said Indah.

That’s one of the ways that are applied in RBG clinic in broaden the patient’s knowledge. Media education is in the form of leaflets about tuberculosis given to the patient and family.

“Earlier we distributed about 50 leaflets. It is good while waiting queues they could have new knowledge. Patients are also keen to listen to and there are a few also asked about tuberculosis disease. Hopefully, this activity can increase public awareness on tuberculosis disease, “said Indah.

Newsroom / Arif Rahman


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