BANDAR LAMPUNG. (23/04) Masnawati (59 years old) is a mother of 2 children who, until old age, is still passionate about earning a living at her residence. Located on Jl. M. Ali No.9 RT.1, Kedaung Subdistrict, Kemiling District, Masnah sells a variety of chips solely to improve the family economy, helping her husband, who sells ketoprak daily.

Masnah is her nickname, starting her business since 2014, with all the limitations of her capital and business facilities, she continues carrying out her business.

“I once stop selling because there is no improvement, but because this is my hobby so I continue,”she said.

The initiation of Rumah Zakat economic empowerment program in Kedaung Village, Kemiling, Bandar Lampung bring happiness for the Masnawati family. Since receiving capital and business facilities, Masnawati is now more eager to carry out and improve her business.

While providing the second venture capital assistance, Beny Tribiyono as the facilitator expressed hope for his assisted UKM.

“Hopefully the business capital that has been channeled, can provide benefits to then encourage and accelerate the progress of the business of Mrs. Masnawati. ” he said


Lailatul Istikhomah

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