MASYARAKAT TERNAK NUSANTARA DAN RZ BERDAYAKAN PETERNAK AYAM DI SUBANGSUBANG. (08.19) RZ together with Yayasan Masyarakat Ternak Nusantara (MTN) cooperate in empowering the villages which have the potential development of animal husbandry and agriculture. The goal is to develop 1,000 villages based on livestock farmer. Currently, the animal husbandry whis is depeloved is chicken husbandry because it is suitable for areas with limited land.

Palasari Villallage, Subang is one of the terget villages for this program. In this region there are 60 needy people who have fostered. They are eager to maintain chicken, but unfortunately this time only 20 people can be facilitated with 105 laying hens as raising capital. With the capital of the hen, the chicken farm program participants have been able to produce 500 eggs per week.

Alhamdulillah with the help of RZ donator, through there is donation is intended for community development activities of these cattle. On Sunday (08/14) implementer team conducted a survey to the location that will become the location of the distribution of these chickens. This is done to select the beneficiaries who will receive help to raise chickens.

Palasari Village was chosen because the area is surrounded by vegetable crops and fields, so it is conducive for cultivating the chicken. Conditions were cool and quiet temperatures effective to add chickens to produce eggs.

Empowerment place was not far from the tourist destination namely Sariater hot spring baths, about 10 minutes if taken with a motorcycle. For the marketing of livestock, this location is very strategic because it is close to lembangs markets and Subang market.

Distribution of poultry carried out on Friday (08/19) in Kp. Babakan Waru 8/3 Palasari subdistrict Ciater district. A total of 25 head of poultry was given to five persons namely Taryono Ade (40), Atin Kartini (46), Watijah (54), Wiah (68), and Wiwi (39). Each beneficiary received five chickens for farmed.

Besides giving the chicken, they also provided a technical explanation of the program and raising chickens to the beneficiaries. Alhamdulillah, today they own cages near their homes. “Thanks to the RZ donators for the assistance, hopefully livestock may be useful,” said Ade (40) one of the beneficiaries of this livestock program.

Hopefully, minimal land resource does not become an obstacle for farmers or breeders to remain productive. Besides other benefits that can be perceived is helping the economy of farmers / breeders to be more advance.

Newsroom/Nur Shyfa

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