7 Signs of a Dead Heart

By: Mahmud Yunus

Shaqiq al-Balkhi tells a story, one time Ibrahim bin Adham walked in the Basrah Market. Suddenly, people approached and surrounded him. They asked him, “What does the saying of Allah mean, pray for me, I will respond to you.” (Surah Ghafir [40]: 60).

They continued, “We have actually prayed, but until today Allah has not answered and granted it.” Ibrahim said, “Because your hearts are dead. So how will your prayers be answered?”

They asked again, “Why are we said to have a dead heart?” Ibrahim replied, “There are 10 cases that cause death of heart”. Then he mentions them one by one in sequence.

First, you claim Allah as your creator but you do not fulfill His rights. Allah has the right for His commands to be obeyed. Why are His commands, sometimes carried out and sometimes not?

Second, you read the book of Allah, but you do not practice the contents. Allah commands to only worship Allah without associating partners with Him. Why, Allah (directly or indirectly) is often associated with others than Him?

Third, you claim to be hostile to Satan, but you follow his orders. Allah forbid following the steps of Satan. Why the steps of Satan are often referred to in daily life?

Fourth, you claim to love the Prophet, but you leave his sunnah. The Prophet SAW explained, people who care for orphans will get a special place in heaven. Why are there those who let orphans without a bright future?

Fifth, you claim to crave heaven, but you don’t do things that will lead you into it. Praying solemly, issuing zakat, cover shamelessness are a few examples. Why are people neglecting it?

Sixth, you claim to be afraid of hell, but you do not avoid sinful acts / immorality. For example, Allah strictly forbids wrongdoing. Why many people are feeling wronged by each other?

Seventh, you claim that death will surely come, but you are not prepared to face it. For example, Allah explains in the hereafter that each person will be rewarded according to their respective deeds. Why, many people do not really do righteous deeds during their lives?

Eighth, you are busy questioning the blemishes, shortcomings, and mistakes of others while you are ignorant of your own reproaches, deficiencies, and mistakes. Allah strictly forbids exposing others. Why, are there still many people ignoring the prohibition?

Ninth, you get sustenance from Allah, but you forget to thank Him. Allah entrusts you with a lot of wealth. Why, not a few people who claim that property is their own? Then, they don’t want to share with others.

Tenth and the last, you buried your brother’s body, but you didn’t learn from him. Allah states, “Everyone who lives will inevitably feel death.” Why do many people seem to not believe it? Wallahu a’lam.

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