MBAH KAWUK, TARGET RERESIK OMAH LANISA RZKEDIRI. As RZ implementer institutions in the field of health, Cita Sehat rolled some programs in order to pay attention to the health of the elderly. One of them is friendly Elderly Program. The program consists of several activities, one of which is Clean Elderly House (Reresik Omah Lansia).

Clean Elderly House is a program to clean the home where the elderly live and bathe the elderly who have limited mobility, for example as a result of certain diseases. The program target is the elderly who are not productive and have economic problems.

As has just been carried out by Cita Sehat team and RZ Kediri, Clean Elderly House conducted in ICD Dandangan. The Elderly visited named Mbah Kawuk. The 76-year-old grandfather had suffered a stroke for three years. As a result, activities that he does everyday is in bed alone. In his home, he was treated by a wife who suffered from visual impairment. All the activities of cleaning house, bathing, cooking up to washing done by his wife.

The team Cita Healthy and RZ course was warmly welcomed by his wife. There, Cita Sehat team bathe Mbah Kawuk and clean up his bedroom. At the end of the visit, the RZ team also provides assistance in the form of basic foods for Mbah Kawuk and his wife.

“Thanks to Rumah Zakat and Cita Sehat for visiting us. Clean my room which now no longer smell bed. Mbah Kawuk also become clean, Alhamdulillah, “said Mbah Kawuk wife.

Newsroom/Nurul Rahayu

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