YOGYAKARTA. Rumah Zakat took Cita Sehat to conduct Elderly Posyandu in Bantul District, precisely in Jambidan Village, Banguntapan District on Tuesday (16/02).

“Today we conduct an elderly health examination, as well as conducting Home Visit to see the health condition of elderly who underwent bed rest at home, “said Afrezah, Public Health of CIta Sehat Yogyakarta.

It is Mbah Saniyem, one of the elderly who regularly follow Posyandu, her age who has reached the number of 88 years, making her have to walk using rattan as a buffer. That is why she always accompanied home after Posyandu done.

“Mbah Saniyem is one of the elderly who diligently participates in Posyandu activity, and she really likes to be accompanied while go back home while chatting. Usually Mbah Saniyem will tell you about the complaints and their daily activities, “continued Afrezah.

From the place of Posyandu’s implementation to Mbah Saniyem’s house is 250 meters away, that day, Mbah walked not using sandals, amid the journey, his feet stuck by a wire. Afrezah swiftly brought Mbah back to Posyandu and treat the wound.

“Mbah Saniyem do not want to wear sandals may be because it is uncomfortable, she said it sticky wearing sandals. When her feet were injured, we immediately cleaned the wounds” said Afrezah.

In addition to checking the elderly at home, Afrezah with the team as well provide education to families on how to care for and how to be more sensitive to the needs and desires of the elderly so they feel comfortable.

“Hopefully with the presence of Posyandu can improve welfare of elderly like Mbah Saniyem “concluded Afrezah.

Newsroom / Nurul Rahayu


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