MELALUI KITBISA.COM RZ SALURKAN BANTUAN USAHA UNTUK BU SOETRIKSURABAYA.SURABAYA. Mother Soetrik (49) is one of RZ Surabaya assisted member. Currently, Mrs. Soetrik becomes the backbone of the family. This is because her husband did not have a regular job so she must strive to meet the needs of his family. In the meantime he must take care of and raise her three children.

Bu Soetrik open a business in accordance with her capabilities to sew. Starting from a hobby sewing clothes, bu Soetrik now been able to open a business that has been running convection approximately 15 years. Experience and patience makes bu Soetrik’s convection has many customers who are very happy with the results of her sewing.

Although she is no longer young, Mrs. Soetrik always eager to conduct business. Always grateful become her motivation in living her life although this time she became the backbone of the family, but he never complained and kept excited.

Alhamdulillah with the kindness of RZ donator via website the money collected for Bu Soetrik’s business capital. Capital assistance program and business facilities are a program that aims to develop RZ members’ business in the form of business facilities that support the efforts of member to grow faster.

Venture capital assistance is granted on Friday (08/19) at Mrs. Soetrik residence at Jl. Keputran Panjunan II / 42 Ex. Keputran subdistrict. Genteng district, Surabaya, obviously this assistance is used for business purposes.

Through business Capital assistance is expected to increase Mrs. Soetrik’s business to be better. “Thanks to RZ donators who already want to help my business, hopefully with this assistance my business can be further developed and developing. Thanks RZ. “, Said Mrs. Soetrik.

Newsroom/Nur Shyfa

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