PEKANBARU. Cita Sehat with Rumah Zakat visited SMA Negeri 8 Pekanbaru on Jl. Abdul Muis No.14, on (18/09) till (22/09) to pick up Garbage. Students from SMAN 8 Pekanbaru deliver paper waste in their school environment for distribution.

Garbage collected as much as approximately 600 kg that transported by ambulance to the Clinic Pratama RBG Rumah Zakat Pekanbaru. Then the waste is weighed and sold to collectors. The proceeds of the sale will be used for free health care facilities and services for the mustahik.

“That’s right, we’ll allocate the money for the medical expenses of the mustahik patients who come to the RBG Clinic Rumah Zakat Pekanbaru. Well in addition, in the future we will hold health coaching at SMAN 8 Pekanbaru as a feedback for participating in the program of Trash Charity,” said Yolanda, Public Health officer of Cita Sehat Pekanbaru.

Yolanda said that Trash Charity is a community-based waste management program initiated by Rumah Zakat with Cita Sehat in various regions in Indonesia. It’s held to reduce the number of environment-based diseases due to waste and fostering a culture of waste management.

“In addition to SMAN 8, there are several government agencies that have also participated following the Trash Charity, for example the Central Bureau of Statistics Office (BPS), Immigration Office, Kesbangpol Office. Although only a few employees but the results are quite a lot. Hopefully the future of this program is increase consistently and there will be more people who participate, “said Yolanda.


Newsroom / Nurul Rahayu


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