MELALUI WAKAF QURAN, RUMAH WAKAF BINA AKHLAQ ANAK INDONESIANTT. Wuring fishing village is one of the villages in Wolomarang, District West Alok, Sikka, East Nusa Tenggara province. Wuring village situated on the coast where land surface consists of sandy soil and rock collection arranged deliberately so as to form small islands and habitable by humans.

Wuring is one area in District Alok West predominantly Muslim, The livelihoods of people mostly fishermen. Of income as a fisherman, almost every year Wuring be the largest contributor quota of Hajj in Sikka.

Unfortunately, up to now in Wuring village much of the Muslim population who has not been able to read the Qur’an. Many teenagers join the party and enjoy life like drinking liquor, ikhtilath, brawl, to promiscuity.

Based on this background Rumah Wakaf Indonesia (RWI) and RZ make Wuring village as the village of Quran and rolling the Qur’an ambassador program in the region to change their behavior and attitude of Wuring population who majority are children and adolescents, Qur’an ambassador activities conducted through the weekly mentoring. Mentoring is done intensively every week with various programs and other spiritual activities.

Quran village is an optimization program of Wakaf Quran program, by presenting Quran mentoring and sending da’i quran as facilitators to teach the Qur’an in an area prone to aqidah silting, rural as well as urban areas for the relief of the Muslim community who are illiterate to Quran.

Andi madina Isnaeni Rohman (9) is one of the beneficiaries of waqf Koran in the village of Quran. The little girl who was called Madina is now in grade 3 in SDIT Mutiara, Maumere. Madina is the daughter of the couple Andi Anshar and Yanti Yunita. The little girl, whose hobby is cycling, aspires to be a soldier. She is diligent in following a routine mentoring conducted.

Quran waqf present to give a touch of spiritual, distributed to vulnerable areas and vulnerable aqidah education to the archipelago, as well as supporting development in some areas under Rumah Wakaf Indonesia guidance.



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