By: Fajar Kurnianto

In Islam, there are two terms, which are tauhid uluhiah and tauhid rububiah. Tauhid uluhiah emphasizes more on the aspect of worship to Allah, while tawhid rububiah emphasizes aspects of knowledge about Allah who created and regulates nature (Rabb al-‘alamin).

In other words, tauhid uluhiah touches the metaphysical level, while tawhid rububiah touches the physical aspect.

The first revelation to the Prophet is mentioned with the word bismirabbik (with the name Rabb), which is related to monotheism rububiah; not called bismillah (by the name of Ilah / Allah), which is related to tauhid uluhiah. This means that the first revelation gave more emphasis to the Prophet to read the physical or visible signs of nature (verses of kauniah) around him. This does not mean compassion and unimportant things.

However, worship is more often individual and the effects are only for the related individual, while the effects of reading nature signs are not only for one but also for others.

Reading natural signs gives birth to science, especially science and technology which are very beneficial for humanity. This also makes it easier for humans to worship Allah. In other words, the progress of science and technology facilitates people to be easier, more comfortable and better to worship, and can lead them to be more devoted.

It is also undeniable that scientific and technological advances often neglect human beings from worship and Allah, even distance them from Him, makes his soul empty and hallow which will give off depression, stress, mental illness, disorientation, and so on.

Therefore, the Prophet’s hadith says that people who have knowledge that actually starts from the activity of reading the signs of nature, it is more important than those worshipers who are without knowledge. In other hadiths, it is also said that the knowledgeable person (ulama) is the heir of the prophets.

The prophets do not inherit the dinar or dirham, but inherits knowledge (HR al-Bukhari). In another hadith, the Prophet said, the parable of the man of knowledge and the expert on worship is like a full moon and a star in terms of the strength and brightness of the light in the eyes of the subjects who see on earth (HR Abu Dawud).

Through the activity of reading nature which is emphasized in the first revelation, Allah really wants to provide a fundamental foundation for the progress of humanity in the future. Allah knows best.


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