INDRAMAYU, Sunday (01/09). This week’s activity for children under the guidance of Rumah Zakat in Desa Jambak Kec. Cikedung Regency Indramayu, West Java, is to make tissue box craft from cardboard. This activity is a continuation of the activity before last August which was only in a form of theory and sketching but this month, the children continued with the manufacture or direct practice of making the tissue boxes until finished.

Participants consisted of children under the guidance of Rumah Zakat ranging from junior high school to high school students. This activity begins with the basics of making patterns/sketches of tissue box framework, followed by cutting and gluing patterns. After completion, the cover will be given. The final step is the finishing which is decorating the tissue box that has been made so that it looks more beautiful.

By holding this activity, it is hoped that children will later have expertise in the field of skills that can make money and can also open their own employment opportunities later on. For children who are creative, this can inspire business opportunities, which can be made into a craft that can be sold and can be benefited from.


Meli Latifah / Hanaa Afifah

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