By: Muhammad Arifin Ilham

Now the writer (Muhammad Arifin Ilham ) is resting and complete recovery in Penang. Have great desire to immediately find a perfect recovery and perfect health. Thank you for the prayer that continues to dangle the healing of the writer. A similar prayer abounds in goodness for all faiths.

You’re equally in a state of being tested and blessed with pain by God. However, it does not mean reducing in pious charity. Pain does not become a barrier in doing something beautiful before God. That pious charity is visiting relatives who are also sick.

The next door neighbors are Muslim and some are non-Muslim. That day, the author visited the two of them. Greet each other and strengthen. Entertaining and strengthening each other. Beautiful, Subhana Allah loves Allah and His Messenger makes all love because of Allah.

The author remembers the words of the Prophet SAW. “There are six Muslim rights to Muslim. The companions as: what are they, O Messenger of Allah? ’He answered,‘ If he sneezes and praises Allah (say: thank God), answer (by saying: yarhamukallah); if he is sick, visit him, and if he dies, deliver (his body to the tomb) ‘…. “(Muslim, no. 2162).

Why visit the sick? First, as if circling the garden of heaven. The Prophet said, “Whoever visits a sick person will always be in the garden of paradise until he returns.” (Narrated by Muslim).

Second, overwhelmed by God’s love and grace. “Whoever visits a sick person enters into mercy (Allah). When sitting at his side, he feels satisfied or calm in that grace. When he came out of him, he was always in that grace until he returned to his house. “(Narrated by Ibn Abdil Barr in the book at-Tamhid 24/273).

Third, bear much fruit from God. Hadith Qudsi Rasulullah SAW called His word, “Verily Allah Almighty said on the Day of Judgment: ‘O son of Adam, I am sick, but you do not visit Me.’ He said: ‘O Rabb, how do I touch you, while you are the Lord of the universe? ‘Allah said:’ Do you not know that my servant is sick, but you do not visit him, do you not know, if you visit him surely you will find Me by his side? ‘ .

Fourth, get a good prayer from angels. “Whoever comes to his Muslim brother (who is sick) to visit him, he walks in the garden of paradise until he sits. When he sits, mercy (Allah) will cover him. If it was morning, 70 thousand angels would pray to him until the evening, and if he did it in the afternoon, 70 thousand angels would pray to him until the morning. “(Narrated by Ahmad, Abu Dawud, and Ibn Majah).

Fifth, the cause of entering heaven. The Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said, “Whoever visits a sick person or visits his brother because of Allah, there will be a caller who exclaims,’ How good you are, how good you are, you have settled in heaven. ‘” (HR. -Tirmidzi and Ibn Majah). Wallahu A’lam bimuraadih.


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