RZ LDKO CilegonPEKALONGAN. (18/3). Indonesia is a country which rich with natural reserves and resources. However, many people in Indonesia do not realize the potential of their place so RZ attempts to encourage their knowledge and skill through an empowering program named Inspiration Volunteer.

Inspiration Volunteers are fielded to drive rural communities and create independent society through education, health, and economic field. In addition, they are also assigned to inspire and motivate them through regular mentoring program.

Tanjungkulon Village is one Inspiration Volunteer’s target area. Tanjungkulon is located in Kajen District, Pekalongan, Central Java. Amsori (52), the chairman of Tanjungkulon Village, expressed his appreciation and gratitude to RZ and donors who have tried to improve his village.

“On behalf of Tanjungkolun residents I’d like to say thank to RZ and donors for the concern. Hopefully, RZ could extend the reach of assistance throughout Indonesia,” he said. ***

Newsroom/Akhmad Khoyrun Najakh

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