“I usually make dry and wet cakes from mocaf flour, I just create it myself by looking at the recipes that already exist,” Supiyati said.

Because mocaf flour is expensive and rare, not many villagers want or can even use it as a cake-making ingredient. Because of that Herman and a number of assisted members of Rumah Zakat received orders for making mocaf-based cakes. They began selling the cake to residents for social gathering or various kinds of events and meetings.

For daily needs, the members in Sahkuda Bayu Village have often used it as a cake mix. “Mocaf Bakery” is a long dream of mocaf flour production which is being cultivated by a farmer group assisted by the Rumah Zakat. This mocaf flour is non gluten, making it healthier compared to other flour. That is what further adds to their enthusiasm to realize “Mocaf Bakery.”

“Making this mocaf flour is long and requires patience because it is through the process of fermentation, drying and then grinding into flour. Next we were crawling to make a bakery made from mocaf. Please pray for us, “Herman said optimistically.

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