0205 MEMPERINGATI HARI BUMI DENGAN MENANAM 1000 POHON MANGROVELAMPUNG. Sunday (30/04) Volunteers of Rumah Zakat Branch Lampung conducted the activity to commemorate the International Earth Day Event by planting mangrove tress around mangrove forest at Berudung Parit 8 coast.

15 volunteers of Rumah Zakat Branch Lampung who involved in this event planted 1000 mangrove trees, this event also cooperate with CSF. Not only the volunteers and CSF, the scouts from Vocational High School 1 Ketapang also followed this event. For this action started at 09.00 WIB till end.

So that the participant more excited, the activity begun with gymnastic activity in Vocational High School 1 Katapang yard guided by the instructor. After the gymnastic, activity continued with trip to the mangroves planting location by walking as far as 3 kilometers.

“The awesome activity, very useful for the future, I hope many youth would concern to plant mangroves trees,” Said Mr. Samsudin as a mangrove seeds farmer.

“If next would be activity like this again we were willing to support again, ” Said April a student of Vocational High School 1 Ketapang.

“Alhamdulillah, this activity ran well, hopefully this activity would run sustainable to plant mangrove trees on the next earth day.



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