MEDAN. Celebrate National Nutrition Day, Rumah Zakat Medan in collaboration with Faculty of Medicine University of Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara (UMSU) held health education in three schools in Medan Johor district, Monday (15/1/2018) afternoon.

The event that took the theme of “Intelligent Children Through Perfect Nutrition” was held at SD Negeri 064888, SD 060929, SD Negeri 060930 located at Karya Jaya street, Pangkalan Mansyur, Medan Johor Sub-district, Medan City.

Volunteer Coordinator of Medan, Parlindungan Lubis said Rumah Zakat always support a beneficial event especially to improve children nutrition on the commemoration of this nutritional day. “Rumah Zakat continues to work with various communities and institutions in helping with various parties let alone the current momentum that is in order to improve the nutrition of children,” he said.

Public Health Officer Cita Sehat, Rici Dina Putri S.KM revealed that this activity is the inaugural of Rumah Zakat cooperation with UMSU Medical Faculty. “For this year’s nutritional commemoration we have cooperation with UMSU in channeling Supplemental Food PMT) to improve nutrition such as milk and bread,” he explained.

On this occasion, Rumah Zakat distributed 240 packets of PMT and 160 packets of vegetables to the students of three schools in the complex.

Previously, the Chairman of the Events Committee Salsabila Raihan explained this activity is a semester end task that is regularly held every year. Because the Faculty of Medicine UMSU has Family Pledge Health program.

Meanwhile, Vice Dean III of Faculty of Medicine UMSU Dr H Elman Boy M. Kes explained that indeed with the UMSU curriculum that is Problem Based Learning, making students are invited to more to practice in the field than the classroom classroom theory. “In the program of family built health (PKBK) this year students are required to build two districts namely Medan Denai and Medan Johor,” he explained.

The Headmaster Representative Haina Harahap S.Pd thanked UMSU and Rumah Zakat students for the event which was also attended by Head of Technical Implementation Unit of Medan Johor Rostiana Ginting, SPd.
In addition to providing counseling throughout the classroom, FK UMSU also donated three trash cans to the three schools.



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