2003 MENBAR SENYUM SAMBIL MENABUNGMEDAN, Friday (17/02) Komite Relawan Nusantara Rumah Zakat back in action on Friday to spread Nasi Bungkus. Four Relawan RZ Medan do action in the morning, the volunteers began to spread in various locations at Jalan Pulo Brayan.

A total of 25 Nasi Bungkus distributed to those in need such as the homeless, handyman delivering newspapers, pedicab drivers, garbage collectors, laborers and cleaners.

This activity was carried out, so that we can re-share a bit of luck and happiness to those who deserve it, and give a sense of excitement to those who will start their activities in the morning.

Ita, One of the security officers who be a beneficiary, feels happy and pray for Relawan as well as Donors

“Hopefully, this provision directly back by Allah” said Mrs. Ita.

Newsroom / Dea Sukmara


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