By: Moch Hisham

Becoming a person who repents is not easy. People who repent are like people who fall from a steep incline and he must climb to get to the original path, namely the way of Allah SWT. Many obstacles must be faced by people who want to repent. Obstacles do not only come from oneself, but also from those around them. More than that, he must face obstacles created by Satan.

Evil is like opium. It is not easy for people who are used to doing evil actions to get rid themselves from it. Especially in this day and age, immorality is so evident before our eyes. If we are not strong enough to hold our passions, the temptations of immorality that are before us can pull us back to disobedience that we have done.

Not only that, when we try to repent, there are people who mock and do not accept our presence, especially if we repeatedly fall on the same immoral act even though, we already lamented and tried not to repeat it. This sometimes makes people who want to repent feel hopeless and ashamed to do good.

On the other hand, when someone wants to repent, sometimes there is a threat that threatens the safety of his soul. As experienced by people who come out of drug gangs or crime organizations. For some people, this makes him think twice about repenting to Allah SWT.

In addition, Satan will not allow us to return to the way of Allah SWT. Satan will strive to attract those who want to repent to return to the disobedience he has done. However, the steep incline of repentance should not make us despair. “O my servants who transgress the limits of themselves, do not despair from the mercy of Allah. Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Indeed, He is the Forgiving, the Most Merciful.” (Surat Az-Zumar [39]: 53).

Also, be sure that Allah will not let those who repent walk alone. He will help her, greet her with “joy”, and prepare heaven for her. For this reason, if we find it difficult to break away from the immoral cycle, fill our hearts with faith and always obey and associate with people who are obedient.

When you fall back to disobedience, hasten to repent to Him. Ali ibn Abi Talib RA said, “It’s best that you are all those who are tested (with sin) and repented. ‘Someone asked, ‘If he repeats again?’ He replied, ‘Istighfar to Allah and repent.’ Someone asked again, ‘If he sins again?’ He replied, ‘Istighfar to Allah and repent.’ Someone asked, ‘Until when?’ He answered, ‘Until the devil despairs’. ”

In addition, if there are people who mock and do not accept us, forgive them. Hopefully, with that our sins are forgiven by Allah SWT. And, if someone threatens us because we repent, leave it to Allah. Be assured that people who repent will get the help and protection of Allah SWT.

Even if we die, we die in a state of repentance and heaven is the reward. May we love those who repent with acceptance and wise advice. Amen Allah knows best.

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