NORTH MALUKU. Together “Nusantara Berdaya” boat, Rumah Zakat started its action by distributing corned beef and Superqurban rending (read: the most delicious food in the world, CNN) to the islands of North Maluku Province. “For this first action, Rumah Zakat together with AMCF (Asia Muslim Charity Foundation) will carry out the action in Halmahera Island and Maitara Island,” said Ahmad Faiz, Rumah Zakat Volunteer.

A total of 500 corned beef and Superqurban rendang were distributed to residents in the villages of Gitaraja, Central Halmahera and central Maitara Village, Maitara Island. Most residents in these two islands work as fishermen with insufficient incomes.

“My husband works as a fisherman on a people boat and gets paid every 3 months and 2 million, while we still have 5 children in elementary school, junior and senior high school,” said Jamilah Sinen (45th), a resident of Maitara Tengah Village.

Residents were very happy to get corned beef and Superqurban rendang. A child of Maitara Island named Saskia admitted love to eat meat. “But often eat fish,” Saskia exclaimed. “Mama says meat is expensive!” she added.

“Thanks to Rumah Zakat, we hope that the nutritional assistance in the form of corned beef and rendang will be routinely given to our citizens because our people need it,” said Ade M. Rasyid, Head of Gitaraja Village, Central Halmahera.


Newsroom / Ria Arianti
North Maluku


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