BOGOR. (30/01) The condition of Local Library in Pamoyanan empowered village, Bogor Selatan as started complete. Various kinds of facilities ranging from books, children’s games, computers to saung already are available for use by visitors.

The reading garden that was founded by Elan Jaelani, the Facilitator of Rumah Zakat Empowered Village is also called the garbage library, because the visitors who want to read books or borrow books have to bring the garbage.

“So the visitors have to bring garbage to read books or borrow books, later the garbage will be sold and the results are used for library operations,” said Elan.

Elan explained, the establishment of local library is not separated from the unrest that appears in the community about decrease interest in reading, especially among children.

“Pamoyanan empowered village is one of Rumah Zakat assisted village, so we are disturbed because until that time, there has not been a Local Library,” said Elan Ahad (28/1).

Departing from that, said Elan, he tried to establish Local Library and made a team consisting of five children of junior high & high school to maximize the role of Local Library.

“Rumah Zakat build saung (library) Alhamdulillah because the previous location of Local Library is narrow because of the many books and others” Elan added.

To date, more than 1,000 books are available in the library. The amount is makes the Library surplus and began to deliver books to other Local Library that require the books.

Newsroom/ Dani Suhardi


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