MENGAIS RUPIAH MELALUI TANAMAN HIDROPONIKJAKARTA. Extensive land for afforestation increasingly difficult to find, especially in urban areas such as DKI Jakarta. Plantations or agricultural region will likely only often found in village. In addition the limited land factor, air and temperature factors also did not favor for agriculture and plantation activities in Jakarta. Moreover it was difficult to have clean water.

But there are different views we can find at Rusunwa Jatinegara Kaum, Jakarta. When enter the Rusunawa in blocks A and B, our eyes will be spoiled by a green and lush atmosphere, this is because there are two green house hydroponics.

“Hydroponics itself is a way of growing plants without soil and using water media. Water used in hydroponic system to grow with much less when compared with planting in the ground. Water used tend to be better controlled quality of cleanliness. This planting method is very suitable to be applied in urban areas such as Jakarta, with small land, and limited clean water.”Said Nurdin, ICD facilitator of RZ in Jatinegara Kaum.

The plant that suitable grown using a hydroponic method of vegetable crops such as ‘pakcoy’, collards, kale, ‘kailan’, lettuce and fruit crops fibrous roots such as tomatoes and peppers.

The hydroponic plants in Jatinegara taken care of by two people resident named Mawi and Kasun. On this day they were harvesting partially visible hydroponic vegetables. They pick some vegetables like pakcoy and kailan, and then they measure and pack it.

“Alhamdulillah hydroponics program made this Rusunawa become greener and lush, besides it’s good for the environment hydroponic plants can also add our income, like today there are buyers who buy 2 kg ‘pakcoy ‘ and 2 kg kailan. We sell it 15.000 Rupiahs per 250 gram. Which is usually priced 20.000 Rupiahs in the mall. Ours is cheaper. “said Kasdun, (27/01).

It seems that this hydroponic cultivation system could be a reboitation solution for the capital city of Jakarta, if it’s done at all points.

Newsroom / Yadi Mulyadi

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