“Do not blame Allah if prayer is not answered and also do not grumble or fed-up,” said Abdul Qadir-Jailani in Mafatih al-Ghaib. What needs to be asked is why our prayers were not answered? There are two reasons why prayer is rejected. First are not paying attention to the manners of praying, manners of both birth and mind.

The Prophet SAW said, “The prayer of a servant of Allah remains answered as long as he does not pray for a sinful act or decide on friendship or in no hurry to be granted.” Companions asked, “O Messenger of Allah, what is the of no hurry?” The Prophet replied, “He said, ‘I have prayed but I do not see my prayer being answered,” so he ignored and left his prayer.” (HR Muslim).

When a prayer does not immediately show signs of being answered, then one should still be kind to God Almighty. Because Allah SWT will replace the form of granting the prayer with something that is more useful for the applicant or postponed his granting until the hereafter in the form of a reward deposit.

Second, bad behavior. Shaqiq al-Balkhi said: when Ibrahim bin Adham walked in the Bashrah’s markets, people crowded around him. They asked, why Allah has not answered their prayers even though they have prayed for years and did not Allah say, “Pray, so I grant your prayers.” Ibrahim bin Adham replied, “Your heart has died from ten cases.”

Meaning that first, you recognize Allah, but do not fulfill His rights. Second, you read the book of Allah, but do not want to practice its contents. Third, you claim to be hostile to the devil but follow his guidance. Fourth, you confess the Prophet’s love but leave his behavior and sunna. Fifth, you claim to love heaven but do act what leads to it.

Sixth, you claim to fear hell, but do not put an end to sinning. Seventh, you acknowledge that death is a right, but not prepare to face it. Eighth, you are absorbed in researching the shame of others but forgetting your own shame. Ninth, you eat the provisions of Allah but do not thank Him. And tenth, you bury the people but do not take lessons from the incident.

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