We often see a man getting fatter after having children. Being a father can cause men to eat sugar, carbohydrates, fat, and anything they can eat. This could be because they feel stressed and emotional. Men may not be able to use coping mechanisms, namely overcoming their stress and barriers after the birth of a child.

In other words, too many children cause too much eating. At least in part because they have no time to manage themselves as healthy as hanging out with friends or going to the gym. “New fathers will eat emotionally because they are stressed and they want to entertain themselves,” said therapist Katie Ziskind reported by Fatherly, Friday (4/26).

“They have more financial obligations by thinking of a child. They feel isolated and removed because their wives pay attention to new babies, “he added.

Emotional eating is considered more common in women than men. However, many scientists suspect this condition occurs because women tend to recognize and communicate their emotions. Emotional eating is also associated with emotional suppression that is more susceptible to men. Sleep deprivation, which is likely to be suffered by new parents, also makes new fathers more vulnerable.


Emotional eating causes type two diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, and other physical and mental health problems that come from malnutrition. Processed foods loaded with sugar and chemicals not only make emotions more difficult to manage. The food also proved addictive.

This is why emotional eating tends to get out of control and why some parents end up modeling unhealthy relationships with food for their children. “New fathers may not think about eating as a form of addiction, but that is so,” Ziskind said.

The best thing new fathers can do is be more aware of what they eat, how much, and why. One simple way to do this is to track the daily diet and see if there are patterns that appear.

Another way is to devote more time to healthier forms of self-care, such as taking a walk with a newborn baby.


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