RZ LDKO CilegonPONTIANAK. (31/08). Naura is a beneficiary of RZ. She has been fostered by RZ and Indosat since she was in the womb by participating in free health care service provided by Mobile Clinic of Indosat regularly.

“I’d checked her status since she was in the womb by free USG at mobile clinic of Indosat. So she is known as “Indosat girl”,” Bu Mar, Naura’s mother, said.

Even though she didn’t benefit free maternity service from RZ but she regularly checks naura’s condition one a month at Mobile Clinic.

“I’d like to say thank to RZ and Indosat for the assistance to date. I hope that RZ and Indosat will always be in advance to help people,” Bu Mar added. ***

Newsroom/Desti Dwi Astuti

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