RZ wirausaha ICD3PEKANBARU. One of entrepreneur members of RZ Pekanbaru, Dhana Puspita, began her cake business 2 years ago. At first, she ran the business for help her family’s financial problem. Her parents are old so they are not able to work anymore.

Her market targets are local merchants and a traditional market around her village. In addition, she also sells it via online and social media. In the first period, she could earn up to 750 thousands rupiah per month as net profit.

Considering her efforts, RZ sent its Micro Business Officer to coach and train her business potential and give her some business financial assistance. Her business is developing slowly. Recently, she can earn up to 1.5 million rupiah per month.

Alhamdulillah, now we can live properly and all of my brother and sister could go to school decently. Thanks to RZ and MBO for the assistance, advice, and supervision,” she said.***

Newsroom/ ICD Bukit Raya

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