WONOGIRI. Sunday (23/07), One corner of the room that is in TPQ complex Nurul Huda Ngancar back crowded in the morning. Coinciding with National Children’s Day, some young women who have been helping to manage Rumah Baca “Mentari” work together to clean the room.

The reason, Rumah Baca they will be the arrival of new residents in the form of book supply. Of course, will make the reference reading more and more.

Pioneered since two years ago by Nofrida, Village Facilitator Berdaya Rumah Zakat in Ngancar Village. Home read “Mentari” has already had one stewardship. The initial goal of pioneering is to familiarize the culture of reading because reading is the door and window of the nation’s progress.

“The program has been discussed, but not yet maximally, the number of books is not much yet, we are learning from scratch, mbak, Dereng Saget organizes well,” said Fita Fatimah, one of the boards who now sits in class XII of SMA.

Initially, this reading house is not only functioned as a library, but also a positive activity center for Ngancar village children to develop their interests and talents. “So far, it is constrained by funding and human resources, so it can not be realized,” Fita added.

With the presence of one of the Village Facilitator of Berdaya Rumah Zakat in Ngancar village, Fita and friends hope to give new nuance and passion for the continuity of Rumah Baca “Mentari”.

“Thank God, we thank you for the attention and help from Rumah Zakat. Please pray we also can use it,” said Fita.

Not an easy thing, but that is not easy nor does it mean impossible to do. Moreover, the chairman began this semester should continue the education to a college outside the city. Regeneration is a necessity for achieving direction and purpose. Our house may be in the village, but insight must be worldwide through books, with literacy culture and reading culture.

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