MENGGETARKAN, RATUSAN SISWA SD JUARA SHALAT DHUHA SETIAP HARI DI, Semarang – Semarang – Surat Al Kafirun recited clearly from prayer imam Ghozi Faisal Ma’syum. The 5 th grade student of SD Juara Semarang do not feel sunburn. Fervently he became Duha prayer imam in school.

Meanwhile, about 120 other students, started from 1st grade to 6th grade, seemed’s to dissolve in Imam’s recitation. Remarkably, Duha held in the open field which is hot.

Sekolah Juara is a free school under RZ guidance earmarked for poor people in Semarang, Central Java. Usually they held Duha in mushala as an opening of learning activities.

However, in the beginning of 2016/2017 academic year, the school no longer has a prayer room so that they should hold Duha prayer in the field. The school building is located in Jalan Pucung, Plamongansari subdistrict, Pedurungan District is still renting.

The principal of SD Juara Semarang, Zainal Abidin explained that since in the previous place, the students are already accustomed to Duha prayer as the opening activity. After Duha prayer the activity then continue to Quran rote recitation.

“Physical breakfast may have been prepared at home. We equips with spiritual breakfast, “said Zainal Abidin told, Monday (08/08).

According to Zainal, SD Juara is a free inclusive school that developed by non-government organizations. At the school, various characters of student are accommodated in accordance with their intelligence.

“We accommodate all multiple intelligences. Although in a modest way” said Zainal.

Ghozy who incidentally had a turn as Duha prayer imam said that the activities of the prayer that now runs automatically. Without command of teachers, the students took the initiative to set up a place of prayer. Tarpaulins rolled out, as well as sajadah.

Most students have a turn picket to clean up the yard. These students never complain due to sunburn.

“We use to it. It is hot too at home”said Ghozy.

Hundreds of SD Juara Semarang’s students perform Duha prayer in the field every day. Imam Ghozy then compares the new building with the old building. Although both the status is renting, but the old building has a large prayer room, able to accommodate 150 students to pray.

“There we did not bother to roll out Tarpaulins and sajadah. There is a mosque “said Imam Ghozy.

Although the school is free, students always receive packets of school supplies, uniforms for free, even free lunches. Academic achievement and others achievement is good, Dozens of trophies on display in the hall closet of teachers and principals.

However, Zainal Abidin and teachers teach humility. Dewi, Learning Support in SD Juara Semarang, said, the main purpose of education is not just the pursuit of academic excellence but also shaping the character of the students.

“Children are familiar with the prayer and Quran. Hopefully they can carry it over into adulthood. Social change can be better in the future. This is only a small part of the wilderness of the diversity of educational methods, “said Dewi.

One of the characters is embedded is independence. Given the students from the poor so Learning self-reliance was evidenced by never circulate the proposal to ask for donations. Proposals made if there are donators who want to contribute and request made proposals.


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