JAKARTA. Volunteer Rumah Zakat in West Jakarta conducted a new volunteer orientation activity with one of his agenda visiting a halfway house. Activity held on Sunday (21/01/2018) followed by as many as 24 people.

The new volunteer orientation is located in Taman RPTRA Jati Pulo Akur, West Jakarta. The activity begins with a material on the basis of volunteer and volunteer organizational structure of Rumah Zakat. The next agenda is to visit the shelter house on the road of Katalia II, southern bamboo city, West Jakarta.

“Today I am very happy to be familiar with the activities of Rumah Zakat Volunteers, hopefully in the future I can be more committed to undergo social activities that are implemented.” Unveil Indra participants with new volunteer orientation.

Shelter homes visited by volunteer orientation participants accommodated as many as 20 patients from various regions. Those who live are low economic patients who are referred for treatment to Jakarta. Patients who are in shelters there are various kinds of disease such as leaky heart, cancer and others.

Activities in the shelter house, distributing food and toys that have been purchased previously. “Thank you for coming and playing with us, we are very happy, often here yaa,” said Fatan (4 years) patients with heart.

Activity finished at 15:30 followed by evaluation of the activity today. “Alhamdulilah activities run smoothly, may be useful for all Aamiin,” said Pendy coordinator of Rumah Zakat Volunteer West Jakarta area.


Newsroom / Yadi Mulyadi

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