By: Teguh Mulyadi

And so (also) We have made you (the Muslims), the middle ummah, so that you can be a witness of man’s (deeds) and that the Prophet (Muhammad) is a witness of your (deeds). “(QS al-Baqarah [2]: 143). Ibnu Kathir understands the middle ummah as the chosen and the best, the noblest and foremost people, the ummah who uphold the value of justice. Because Allah made Muslims the middle ummah, Allah gave specifically the most perfect Shari’a, the most complete manhaj, and the clearest school of thought.

Sayyid Qutub in his interpretation understands the middle ummah as a people who are witnesses to all that they apply the value of justice and balance. This ummah is the middle people in all their meanings, both in the middle meaning of perception and understanding, so that they are not immersed in spirit or only concerned with material matters; middle in thoughts and feelings.

The Islamic faith, according to Buya Hamka, is an ummah who takes the middle way, accepting life in their condition. Believe in the hereafter, then do charity in this world. Looking for wealth to defend justice, attach importance to spiritual and physical health because other health is related to others. Concerned with the intelligence of the mind, but by strengthening worship to maintain the peace of emotion.

Looking for wealth as much as possible because wealth is a tool to do good. Become a caliph on earth to prepare for the hereafter because one day we, this ummah, will be held accountable before Allah. As long as these people still take the right path, they will also become the ummah of the middle path.

In the practice of worship, how are the teachings of Islam with its conditions symbolize a balanced life? In prayer, for example, there is a harmonious balance that combines physical and mental movements. Every Friday, Muslims are still told to work for their fortune, but when the call to prayer is heard and the Friday prayer arrives, all work must be abandoned, hurrying to the mosque to perform Friday prayers.

After the Friday prayer, they return to their respective jobs. Likewise, in the practice of accumulating material wealth. In the assets that are collected, there is a part of the assets that must be spent to empower weak people so that there is a social balance and there would be no imbalance. The Quran emphasizes the importance of a balanced life in this world and the hereafter, spiritually and materially.


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