RZ MTT SMKSUBANG. Suswono, Agriculture Minister, inaugurated SMK Perternakan (Farming Vocational School) on Saturday (12/7). The vocational school established by Majelis Taklim Telkomsel (MTT) and RZ (Rumah Zakat) is located in Tenjolaya, Kasomalang, Subang. This school is functioned as a boarding school and it aims to provide free agribusiness education for the needy.

Alhamdulillah, MTT and RZ now can provide a free qualified school for Indonesian children. Hopefully that it can support the government in producing competent human resources especially in farming field for succeeding meat national self-sufficiency,” Nur Efendi, RC CEO, said.

Actually, SMK Perternakan has been established since 2013 and it has 23 needy students. However, according to Efendi, SMK Perternakan used to rent other’s building. “Thanks to God, MTT is ready to collaborate with RZ in presenting school building and facilities for the students. Hopefully that now they can learn more comfortable,” he said.

SMK Peternakan Juara MTT is the first vocational school supervised by RZ. In addition to SMK Juara, RZ has established 11 SD (Elementary) Juara and 2 SMP (Secondary) Juara in 11 cities. “In Sha Alloh, we will establish more free qualified school for Indonesian children with our partners and donors,” Efendi said.***

Newsroom/Sari A Rahmawati

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