WEST SUMATRA. Tuesday, (11/07) Cornfield belonging to Jendela Tani Group which is the realization of Lestari Smiles Program of Rumah Zakat enter the final stage (ahead of harvest). The cornfield is located in Empowered Village of Bukik Sikumpa, Lareh Sago Halaban Sub-district, Lima Puluh Kota District, West Sumatera.

While waiting for the harvest, the farmers have been mentoring and maintaining the field. The harvest is estimated in August 2017, farmer groups can already enjoy the results of their efforts.

Empowered Village Facilitator of Bukik Sikumpa and Kelompok Tani also plan the next empowerment program. Because according to them this kind of activity is very helpful for their economy, besides because they do not have enough land, the absence of venture capital is also a constraint.

“Alhamdulillah Rumah Zakat can help as it is today. Hopefully, this program can continue in Bukik Sikumpa for the next, “said one of the residents of Bukik Sikumpa.

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West Sumatra

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