PALEMBANG. Care for Teens is a youth coaching program initiated by Rumah Zakat with Cita Sehat. Activities undertaken include health counseling, discussion and joint study as well as routine health checks.

This time, the Care For Teens Palembang mentor Doi and Marini held a mentoring activity or health coaching at Ar Rahman High School, Jl. Tegal Binangun, Jakabaring on Sunday, (08/20). They invite students to learn about health reproduction organs.

“Yeah, so we formed 2 groups. Its location around the school on grassland under a shady tree, so they feel fresh and focus on listening to the material and don’t get bored” said Marini.

Marini and Doi are nursing undergraduate students from STIK Siti Khadijah Palembang. Both are routinely provide health education to younger siblings Care For Teens Palembang.

“Through this education, teenagers are expected to get to know how healthy life, healthy environment and they can apply it in life. Especially in facilitation through Care For Teens. Hopefully we can realize healthy, active and productive teenager ” said Doi.

Newsroom / Nurul Rahayu


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