High blood pressure or uncontrolled hypertension can cause a variety of dangerous complications. Therefore, hypertensive patients need to take drugs regularly to control blood pressure.

Regular drug consumption also needs to be balanced with the adoption of a healthy lifestyle. One of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle is regulating a balanced diet in accordance with the conditions and needs of the body.


Regarding diet, experts say there are three types of food that are good for hypertensive patients to consume at breakfast. These three types of food can help control blood pressure. The following are the three foods as reported by Express.




One study revealed proteins in eggs produce chemicals called peptides. Peptides are known to have a way of working similar to high blood pressure drugs. According to Blood Pressure UK, fried eggs can provide more benefits than boiled eggs because the number of peptides produced by fried eggs is more.


“The peptide works to block the production of a chemical compound called angiotensin, which increases blood pressure,” said Blood Pressure UK.


In other words, this study shows that perfectly cooked eggs can have an effect on lowering blood pressure.




Bananas are also known to have a positive effect on blood pressure because they are rich in potassium. According to pharmacist Chemist Click Abbas Kananai, increased consumption of potassium in diet can help remove excess sodium in the body. As is known, too much sodium has a negative impact on blood pressure.


“Foods with high potassium content should be used as daily consumption,” Kanani said.


Kananni says potassium can help the kidneys get rid of sodium. This can have a positive effect on blood pressure. Some other foods rich in potassium are green leafy vegetables and sweet potatoes.


But before applying a high-potassium diet, it is better to consult a doctor first. The reason is, not everyone is suitable to apply a high-potassium diet. People with kidney problems or people who take certain drugs tend to be advised to avoid high-potassium diets.




According to the American Heart Association, the risk of high blood pressure can decrease by 20 percent in women who consume five servings of yogurt or more per week. Besides being healthy, yogurt can also be created with a variety of other healthy foods such as granola or pieces of fruit.


Of course not all yogurt is good for consumption regularly. The reason, some yogurt products have a very high sugar content. Therefore, it is recommended to check the sugar content before buying yogurt.


“The lower the sugar content per serving, the better,” explained Healthline.



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