SUNDAY. (16/09) was the culmination of the Disaster Resilient Village Camp event held in Elo, Pare Village, Blondo Village, Kec. Mungkid Kab. Magelang. This activity was followed by Rumah Zakat Facilitator and DIY, Central Java & East Java Regional Volunteers as many as 39 volunteers. This Disaster Resilient Village Camp was carried out with the aim of preparing a village that is resilient to Disasters.

This Camp began on Friday (14/09) which began with Integrated Introductions between participants, then continued the main event on Saturday (15/09), namely the discussion on the Resilient Village of Disaster and ended with the Planning of the Resilient Village Work Program. Disaster. And the peak event today, Sunday (16/09) was the peak of the excitement of the Disaster Resilient Village Camp together with rafting along the 12 km Elo river.

All participants seemed enthusiastic from the beginning of the agenda of the Disaster Resilient Village Camp, seen from all participants who did not want to miss the entire series of events from the beginning until the closing of the Disaster Resilient Village Camp event.

“Of the 40 Empowered Villages in Central Java, East Java, 15 of them have become Disaster Resilient Villages. With this event, volunteers and empowered village facilitators are expected to work together to make the Village empowered to become a Disaster Resilient Village,” said Nurmansyah, the speaker in the event.

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