Allahumma inni audzubika min fitnatin nisaa. O Allah, I seek refuge in You from the fitna of women. A friend taught me this prayer. He explained that this prayer is a powerful shield for men when they see a tempting woman.

Lust continues to flare up especially when stimulants appear. The case of subduing to that lust and passion becomes an imagination. When humans see what is forbidden by Allah SWT, then it may be tempted by the whispering of demonic persuasions and illicit wild views into the entrance of greater immorality.

Although only a glance, if not immediately subdued, the view will attack the mind and make the soul restless. If unable to be subdued, then lust will push you to act immorally.

Allah SWT prevents wild gazes among the believers, both men, and women. In surah an-Nuur verse 30, Allah SWT says, “Tell the believing men to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private parts. That is purer for them. Indeed, Allah is acquainted with what they do.”

In verse 31 of the same surah, Allah SWT also commands the same thing to women, namely to hold their gazes and guard their private parts.

In fact, The Prophet SAW also prevents best friends to lower their eyes. Once upon a time, one of the friends named Al Fadhl bin Abbas was standing next to the Prophet SAW during the Hajj. Then a woman came to the Prophet Muhammad SAW to ask about something.

Al Fadl looked at the woman, and the woman looked back at him. When the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) found out, he turned his face away in another direction to avoid sin. (Muttafaq Alaihi Hadith, Bulughul Maram Hadith 732).

Apparently, the appearance of immorality does not see the place and atmosphere. In the condition of Hajj and even standing beside the Prophet Muhammad, a wild gaze can be a potential for sin to appear.

Let my brothers and sisters in faith try to take part in the commands of Allah SWT and His Messenger. Keeping your eyes down, lower your gazes, that is the exercise we need to do.

Even though you do not know the purpose and benefits of bowing out as instructed, but rest assured that goodness will be passed on to you. At least our prayers get ijabah (answered), our solemn prayers, prostrations, and our tadharru will be meaningful.

Because the Prophet SAW said, Every Muslim who sees the beauty of a woman at the first time and tries to subdue his view, then surely Allah will replace him for a worship that can make him feel pleasure. (HR Ahmad).

If you want to find the solemnity and enjoyment of worship to the Creator, then start doing it from something small, which by lowering your gaze.

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