3103 MERANGKAI SENYUM DI JUMAT MENABUNGSUMBAWA. Friday (31/03) Relawan Rumah Zakat or Relawan Nusantara Sumbawa share the happiness again. This action was to share the rice package to the people in need, janitor.

This activity was aimed to encourage the spirit of sharing on Friday. Dina Nurmajdina, as a PIC Program said, as many as 32 rice packages and mineral water had been shared by 10 volunteers that be divided to 3 teams.

Furthermore Dina said, the first team was through Jalan Tambora Kabayan, the second team through Jalan Hasanuddin and the third team through Jalan Diponegoro. This activity started at 06.00 WITA, with in Taman Mangga Sumbawa Besar was a spot for gathering.

One of beneficiaries, Mr. Sahmad a street Janitor was very happy when got the free breakfast, “thank you may God bless you,” He said.

“This activity was very helpful, not only for the beneficiaries but also for us as a giver. Because we always learn to be kindness giver. Insya Allah I will follow this such of activity next week.” Said one of the volunteer, Helmi Suniarmi.

Newsroom/Dea Sukmara

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