Marriage in Islam is the sunnah of the Messenger of Allah. Marriage subjects get rahmah and blessings in the contract that is spoken and promised together. But behind that, the essence of marriage is actually a calm, comfort, and sufficiency between one another.

Ustadz Adi Hidayat explained, marriage is not a thing that promises every couple to live always happy. Also, marriage is not a matter of living life with constant difficulties. In the household frequent turmoil that often touches each partner.

However, each pair is reminded to always rely on God Almighty. Fostering faith, piety, and obedience in worship is the main capital in building a household. With this capital, blessing will encompass anyone in the household.

Blessing, as said by the prayer of the Prophet Muhammad when marrying his daughter, Fatimah Az-Zahra with his companion Ali bin Abi Talib, needs to be tucked in both in difficult and happy times. He also told that the perfect marriage does not only belong to those who have abundant wealth and commendable positions.

It was proven how the Prophet married Fatimah to Ali bin Abi Talib. Yet if measured materially, Ali bin Abi Talib did not come from a wealthy group or even someone who had a high position. When compared with other companions of the Prophet such as Abu Bakr who was wealthy and Umar bin Khatab who had an accomplished position, Ali bin Abi Talib was just an ordinary man.

However, he conveyed the story, when Abu Bakr and Umar bin Khatab recognized that their capacity was not worthy of being beside Fatimah Az-Zahra, the figure of Ali bin Abi Talib was highlighted. It is said that Umar bin Khatab met with Sayyidina Ali bin Abi Talib and said: “Yes Ali, innaha laka,”. Which means: “O Ali, in fact she (Fatimah) is yours (your soul mate),”

Hearing Umar’s words like that, Ali bin Abi Talib actually said: “O Umar, I am just an ordinary person, I am not a rich person. Even now all I have is an iron shield that I want to pawn, “. But Sayyidina Umar still ordered Ali to meet Rasulullah to propose to Fatimah.

According to Ustadz Adi, when Sayyidina Ali came to see Rasulullah, he did not underestimate let alone reject the good intentions of his friend. So when marrying the two, the Prophet also gave three sentences of messages that are used as prayer for all the Muslim community of the world until now.

The prayer reads: “Barakallahu laka, wa baraka alaikuma, wa jamaa bainakuma fii khair,”. Which means: “May Allah affix blessings to you (when happy), and may Allah affix blessings to you both (in times of distress), and may Allah always bring you together in goodness,”.

Therefore, he continued, if each couple want to get eternal happiness in marriage, then they should attach blessing in the household. Cover each other’s self-shame as strengths and shared evaluations. Not feasible, he said, household ugliness was revealed and consumed by the public. He also admitted that he was very grateful to the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government for providing a positive program. According to him, the mass marriage program is a program that favors the middle to lower classes of society, which is now claimed to have legal administrative status.


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