By: Makmum Nawawi

Sa’d bin Abi Waqqash said, Before we went to the Prophet Muhammad to go to the battle of Badr, I saw my brother, Umair bin Abi Waqqash, hiding.

“What’s wrong with you?” I asked.

“I am afraid if seen by the Prophet, then thought I am still a child, and told me to go home. In fact, I really want to be able to go to jihad so that Allah will grant me shahadah (martyrdom), Umair said.

Then, Umair offered himself to the Prophet, and sure enough, he considered Umair still small and not old enough to jihad and participates in the battle. “Go home,” said the Prophet.

Hearing that, Umair cried, and finally, the Prophet permitted it.

“Then, I helped tie the burden of his weapon because he was so small, and it turns out Umair was killed in the Battle of Badr at the age of 16 years,” recalls Sa’d

The same thing happened to Osama bin Zayd during the Battle of Uhud, where he and his peers, the sons of the companions Radhiyallahu ‘anhum came to the Prophet. They want to be involved in the jihad fi sabilillah.

Some of them were accepted by the Prophet and some were rejected because they were very young, and Osama bin Zaid was among the children who were not accepted. So, Osama went home crying, he was very sad because he was not permitted to join the jihad under the banner of the Messenger of Allah.

The story of Umair bin Abi Waqqash and Usamah bin Zaid was only a small sample of the great heroism that teenagers and young people had among the Prophet’s companions. And, their presence seems to be a figure that feels estrange and far away, as well as challenging the soul. If we hear and witness thousands of young people who actually drowned in the mud of immorality, sexuality, cruelty, and iniquity, busy with a life that is painless and no hardship at all.

Even though, death will come. It is not only a monopoly of people who are old and elderly but is wide open to be reached by the younger generation. Did the Prophet not provide motivation? There are seven groups that will obtain the shade of Allah when there is no shade except His shade, and one of them is a young man who grows up in the worship of Allah. (Bukhari & Muslim).

Before the Christian era, a number of young people who were members of the Ashabul-Kahf even became pioneers in their time in defending the creed. Allah states: We tell the truth about their story to you (Muhammad). Surely they are young men who believe in their Lord and We add to them instructions. (Al-Kahfi: 13).

According to Wahbah Zuhaili in at-Tafsir al-Munir, this verse is a sign, youths are stronger in accepting the truth and more potential to welcome the arrival of guidance than parents who are arrogant and immersed in vanity religion. Therefore, as mentioned by Ibn Kathir, those who most widely welcome the call of Allah and His Messenger are the youth.

It is natural that today we miss the sprout of heroism among adolescents and young generations of Islam.

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