0603 MESKI KEHILANGAN TANGAN PAK SUNARSO TETAP SEMANGAT BERJUALANPak RT, the citizen usually called him, Mr. Sunarso looks cheerful when the facilitator and Korwil Rumah Zakat visited him, at his residence in Kampung Walahir, Prog Reef Village, District Cukarang Utara, Bekasi.

Man who 41 years old was very optimistic despite lost his left hand while was working in one of manufacturing workshop in Cikarang, Bekasi, 4 months ago.

Father of 2 children are also the husband of Titen Purba wants to continue the business despite in his condition. Sunarso determined to provide for his family by making stalls packaged herbs.

“Hopefully, through the Entrepreneurial Assistance from Rumah Zakat, stalls that there could now be a larger and more full of content, so buyers were not disappointed when the goods were bought nothing,” he said hopefully.

At the end of the chat, Sunarso who still in health control and therapy was eager to have a decent carts to sell vegetables around. (Haafiz / mk)


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