SALATIGA. After having several holiday meetings due to the many agenda of the 73rd Republic of Indonesia’s Independence Day, Friday (31/8) a number of mothers in Dukuh Hamlet were enthusiastic to follow the routine activities of learning to read the Quran. Learning activities to read the Quran from the first step, this activity is held every Friday afternoon at the house of the Chairman of the Majelis Taklim RW 09, Rumah Ibu Hj. Latifah.

“So far they have started a long reading introduction mad jaiz and mad wajib. The learning method used UMMI method,” said Dwi Pujianto, Rumah Zakat facilitator as well as a teacher who teaches mothers.

The Quran learning activity which was followed by 9 people now is 19 people. This signifies enthusiasm and the desire of mothers to be able to read Quran is very big. Despite age, it does not reduce their enthusiasm.

Not infrequently in learning accompanied by laughter due to incorrectly pronouncing hijaiyah letters or other attitudes.

Mothers claimed to be happy with the activity. Sri Warningsih, one of the participants always thanked Rumah Zakat who initiated the activity.

“Thanks to Rumah Zakat, thank you to Mas Dwi for guiding us patiently. Now it’s already better than before, i did not recognize hijaiyah letters at all. Hopefully it will be a good charity for Mas Dwi, “said Sri Warningsih.

Dwi Pujiyanto said that this activity was carried out since he joined as Rumah Zakat Facilitator one year ago. He was grateful for the response and good public interest. In addition to the group of mothers there are also groups of young men and young women.

“Alhamdulillah, until now the learning activities of reading quran are going well. Public interest is very good. In fact they don’t want if there is a week off. If on the agreed day there happens to be a person who is absent then they look for another day so that in one week there is no holiday. I am happy with the spirit of these mothers, “said Dwi Pujiyanto.


Habib Novan / Lailatul Istikhomah

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