JAKARTA (08/18). The atmosphere of independence is increasingly festive with the holding of the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta-Palembang.

Coinciding with the opening of this largest Asian sports party, Rumah Zakat synergizes with HSBC to hold mini archery competitions in the assisted village in Pejaten Timur, Jakarta.

The mini competition was accompanied by Coach Furqon and Coach Didi, an archery training instructor in Pejaten Timur village. The archery contest participants were participants of the archery training which was held on the synergy of Rumah Zakat and HSBC in Pejaten Timur.

This mini archery competition took place from 16.00 WIB to 17.45 WIB. At the end of the activity, the jury announced three names that managed to get the best score in the mini competition this time. 1st place was won by Frisya, 2nd place winner Marsya and Rafi won 3rd place. Rafi, the 3rd Champion, aspires to become an archery athlete for Indonesia at the Asian Games.

“This activity is part of the village program of Rumah Zakat in Pejaten Timur. Rumah Zakat synergizes with HSBC to organize community empowerment programs in various regions in Indonesia, “said the Village Facilitator for Pejaten Timur.


Meli Latifah / Lailatul Istikhomah

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